Bring Your CUSTOM DESIGNS to Life!

Concept to Creation in 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1. Email your thoughts, ideas, sketches and pictures to our in-house designer.

Step 2. After submitting your deposit, our in-house Designer will make a Sample Sketch for you to view.

Step 3. Upon approval of the Sample Sketch, with cost and deposit, P.O. or full payment,our Design Team will create medium size sample of your custom to size your team.

Step 4. After receiving written approval of your Sizer Sample, Team Go Figure will bring your custom design to life.

*Please note: The entire Custom Design process can take 6-12 weeks, based on fabric availability, shipping time and season.


Matching Previous Orders

If trying to match a previous order, please state so when ordering and provide a previous invoice number. Customer orders will require you to send back a sample from the previous order for us to use as a guide. If the outfit has lettering or monogramming, please send a sample or photocopy. Please label samples and photocopies clearly. We make every effort to match colors as closely as possible. Although the finest dyes are used in our products, shading differences may occur and Team Go Figure cannot guarantee a perfect color match from order to order.

Minimum Orders

A minimum order of 6 pieces is required on most manufactured, special order styles, and embellished items. Less than 6 pieces will be assessed an additional surcharge fee of $15 per style. A minimum order of 12 pieces is required for most embellished bag orders. Less than 12 pieces will be assessed an additional charge of $5 per piece.